Elevation y un regalo pa Jermin Bell cu a hasi anja awe.

E poesia ‘ELEVATION’ ta saka for di e buki “Nameless di Jermin Bell. Publica cu ayudo financiero di ” Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds Caribisch gebied.

Jermin Bell
Jermin Bell – Nameless

Pabien Jermin! Bo a hasi anja awe, un bunita dia pa Comprondiendo Bida comparti e pensamentonan aki di e periodo cu bo a lansa bo buki ‘Nameless’. 

CB: Si bo lo tin dos ora den bo bida pa jena cu loke mas lo hasi bo felis, – e magician ta duna bo un regalo-… con bo lo jena e dos oranan aki?

Jermin Bell:Mi lo tuma 10 minuut pa sinja tur hende na mundo con pa medita. Dj’ey tur hende na mundo y ami lo medita pa 50 minuut y e siguiente ora mi lo pas’e hungando tennis cu e ruman nan Williams y Rafael Nadal.

CB: Bo kier comparti un poema cu nos lesadornan?  Esun cu mas a touch bo alma ora bo a scirbi’e!

Jermin Bell: Tur mi scritura nan ta bin for di mi alma, pues tur ta toka mi alma. Siguiendo riba e topico di nos hoben nan mi ta kere cu Elevation ta scritura cu sigur por duna e hoben y tur lesado un speransa den nan mes y den humanidad. Paso e ta papia over e don cu cada ser humano tin den nan pa por eleva nan alma na otro dimension nan cu ta existi.


In every single one of us there’s a fire that burns

This fire elevates us

It motivates our decisions

As human beings we are prone to make mistakes

To act ungodly

To act as … human beings

In the face of our spiritual leaders and ancestors

In the face of solutions

We choose to act as human beings

Do we really need to be inspired?

There is music, there are movies, documentaries, motivational speakers, poems, sketches and enough people to show us the way

Yet we look away

Because… we’re human beings

But are we really?

When do we choose to be human?

If I told you that we are more than human beings, would you believe me?

Because the truth is that we are

The fire inside our hearts is everlasting

And no matter how many times we attempt to put it out with our silly types of water, saying that we’re only human.

We’re reminded again when the fire starts burning.

Let the fire burn the humanity out of you

And become more than only a being

Become the more, the beyond… become the ultimate entity

Allow the enigma to manifest and elevate you to a dimension where everything is infinitely better than what you could have imagined.

Because you are ready for it… this I know because you have a fire that burns …

CB: E poesia ‘ELEVATION’ ta saka for di e buki “Nameless di Jermin Bell. Illustracion nan ta di Marco Biemans”. Publica cu ayudo financiero di ” Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds Caribisch gebied.

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