Ashaira Holistic Centre cu lesnan di Karin Krügel pa bo crecemento spiritual

Anja 2012, e anja di cambio pa humanidad. Shelo tin hopi asistencia cu nan kier duna nos. Nos tin cu sinja conecta y habri pa ricibi. Pero mas cu tur cos, sinja pidi y respeta….

divine power

Please be informed on Karin Krügel’s follow-up lessons, which will take place according to the next schedule:

• 3rd of April: Man made in Gods image, Thought-forms, Character development, the purpose of Life, the Ultimate Destiny of Man
• 10th of April: The principle of Spirit, Spirit and the Principle of Gender, Reincarnation, Life and Death, Karma, Dharma
• 17th of April: The Unseen Reality of Angels, Guardian Angels, Angels of Healing, Examples of conscious co-operation with the realm of Angels
• 24th of April: The unseen Reality of Nature Spirits, the Four Elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, Man’s connection with the Elements of Nature, Conscious co-operation with the realm of Nature Spirits
• 2nd of May: Love: the Force!, Man’s super-sensory Powers, the Existence of a Path of Hastened Attainment, the Great Teachers of Wisdom and the existence of perfected man, the Power of Unity and Oneness of all Life, World Spirituality

Location: Layex building room 117.
Time: 7.30 to 9pm

We inform you that there is a fee involved in these lessons: fl. 100,– for the total of these five lessons. This is to help cover the expenses of the rent and beverages.

These follow-up lessons are open to those who have followed the two introductory lessons “Who am I” and “The Law of Cause and Effect”, either in October last year or in January this year. If you have been present at only one of the intro lessons and have a keen interest in the follow-up lessons, you are welcome to join. The same counts for those who through spiritual work or studies have an affinity to the subjects presented. The idea is to partake in all five lessons.
If you would like to participate please register with Thea van der Kuyp.

Tel: 585 3759
Cel: 567 1086