Christmas song ‘loving, caring and giving’

Nigel y Wayne, dos amigo, di 10 anja cu gusta rap a saca un cantica tocante e significacion berdadero di Pasco… Lesa e texto y pensa con ‘abo’ kier pasa Pasco…

Wayne &  Nigel's Christmas song

Christmas is about ‘loving, caring and giving’

From the hearts of 2 young boys: Nigel and Wayne… to the World!

It’s almost X-mas time
Everybody wanna look fine
A little present here
A bigger one there

Just stop for a minute….think… WHY
Why is everyone delirious
Just got to be a lot more serious
Spend time with your friends
Let’s cross our hands
And keep praying for better times

See a X-mas tree on the left
A basketful of cookies on the right
Come on people let’s stop
We’re praying for LOVE tonight

Refr: it’s not about the presents presents presents
We don’t need the presents presents presents
It’s all about SHARING
Ain’t about the …..CHICHING CHICHING
Just wanna make the world change …YEAH YEAH

Copyright: Nigel & Wayne

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